Jason Redshaw

Model ID: 991405

Gender Male
Age Forties
Nationality British
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Hair Length Above Collar
Height 5'11" / 180cm
Hip 34" / 86cm
Waist 32" / 81cm
Inner Leg 33" / 84cm
Shoe Size 9 / 42
Chest 38 / 97cm
Suit Size 36R
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  • Drag Queen


PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCE School, amateur and professional: 1986/7"Brookside"2Ep.Extra 1989"James Whale"1Ep 1991 "gods gift"3Ep.GranadaTv.sa "Pebble Mill"Drag.1Ep "The Word"1Ep 1993 "Coasting"TV Series 2Ep,sa "Bhaji on the Beach"Film.sa "September Song"TV Series 1Ep.sa 1995 BBC Radio 4.Valentine Poetry Read "funny bones"Film,sa "The Time The Place"1Ep 1998"Like it is"Film.sa 2001"The Parole Officer"Film.sa 2002"David&Jason"C4 Short.Lead 2011"Don't Tell The Bride"(Myself) 2012"Foxy bingo"6 Ads.sa 2013 "Vendetta"Film,sa "The Wedding"Film.Cop,SA "Beauty School Cop Outs"MTV. "Suicide is Easy"Film.LNFS.sa "27 Memory Lane"Film.Burglar.LUPTON FILMS.SA "Jamaica Inn"BBC..2Ep.sa "A Shed-load of Trouble"short (Posh Sloth prod)Lead "A Town And Country Murder"S2.Flame TV.Killer Ian Simms.Lead "Don't Text & Drive"Add Lee Rielly Films.sa "Its OK"Campaign Add,sa "Back2forward"Movie.Cop.SA "Paranormal Intent"TV Series 1Ep.Presenter "Tom2/3"Shorts.Tom Pierson.Prod Lee rielly Films.Lead 2014 "Olivers Tale"Short,Thief.Lee rielly films.Lead "Shopaholics"RDF TV C4 (Reality TV)shopping Habits "Beauty Queen or Bust"RDF TV C4(Reality TV)Shopkeeper "The Wrong Side Of Town"Film.Prod Craig Quinn.SA "Earth"Sci-Fi Film.Jason.Prod New Age Pictures "Handel's Messiah"Groberg Prod BYU TV America,SA "Feather In A Storm"Music Vid.Seth Lakeman(Jamaica Inn)sa "Answers"30's Gangster &"Put Em Up"Gangster.2 Music Vid's G.R.I.M "If i Had All The Shame"Music Vid Ant Barnes.Fight,Prod/Dir Sprocket films.SA "Samba Samba"Music Vid Jaz Freddy Royal.Prod craig quinn (MRE) World Cup Brazil "Even with the odds against us"&"Real Quick"Illerstate.Music Vid.sa "Testing Britain's Worst Drivers Crash Course"North One TV,ITV(Reality) "Beatus Beata Beatum"Short.London RCA.Dir Zoe Houg.sa Football fan footage 2014 Brazil world Cup,Dir Andy Young. "The Life of Ben Barnett"Dad.Short.Dir Jamie Dyer "GetTogether"Add.Dir Craig quinn.sa "An Inconvenient Tooth"Short.Jim(Easter Bunny)By Becky Somers.Lead "The Walking Dead UK"5 Comedy short Belford Films.sa "The Case"Short.theif,Dir/Philip Svejnoha.Prod/Lee Rielly Films.Lead "Your'e A Dead Ringer Too"Dir-Craig quinn. Prod-M.R.E (Enviro officer)sa "Pals for Life"WW1 Drama.soldier.Dir Dan Rowbottom.sa "The hostage"Kidnapper.Lead.Lee Rielly films. "Blood"by Parlament.Vicar.Music Vid "Nadia"Feature Film.One Eyed Dog Prod Israeli/Palestinian Cinema.sa "zombie Apocalypse"Feature Film.ZombieCop/Police.sa(Trailer) "Screwed Over"Prison Drama,Bilford films.Cop.sa "Sugerloaf"Film.Dale(Barman)Prod Tom Hoyle BOTLEAF "Risking Everything"Short.Barman.Dir Craig quinn "Lead Me To The Dark"Vampire Film.Policeman.Dir James Twyman "The Vienna Conspiracy"Film.Russian.Dir Rick Mcleod(Celtic Storm Films) 2015 "Time Slip"Sci-Fi Film.prod Liam Swann.sa "Do You Have One"Short.SA.UCLAN "Smashed"Short.Drunk.Dir Yousef thami.sa "Dont Text & Drive 2"Vicar/Cop.Add,prod Lee Rielly films.sa "June Miller & Mefjus"-Saus(Music Vid)Soldier,sa "The Question"Short.Newspaper vendor.Prod Audax Films "Battle Royal"Music Vid,Virus Syndicate/Dope Dod.Prod Ey3Media,sa "6;50"Short.Dr Edie Hyne,Prod Craig quinn M.R.E "Resistance"Film.German.Beech Prod.sa "A Gangster Story"Film.Boss Jimmy Lansky.Towerside prod.Lead "Last Orders"Short.Svaart.Dir josh Pocock "Masquerade"Short.Vicar.Dir Yousef thami Music Vid,Bad Grammar.who's yer mate.UCLAN,SA "The Collaborators"film,Cop.Prod Breech Films.sa "Womble the Movie"Cop.Prod Gemma Lawman.sa "Do the Dance"Music Vid.Raw Calibre,Priest/judge.Prod ey3Media "Storage Hunters UK"S3,1ep.sa "Houdini & Doyle" TV Series,1ep.Brothel man,sa "Hollyoaks" 20 year anniversary episode. mermaid.sa "Journal of Life" short.Mark(Son).Lee Rielly Films 2016 "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children"Film.Dir Tim Burton.sa "Screwed Over 2"Prison Drama,Cop.Bilford films.sa  


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