Artist Terms & Conditions

Artist Terms & Conditions

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Registration Eligibility

Please see below our standard terms and conditions of booking and salary system details for TV extra’s.


Impact is engaged in the business of providing Agency services to TV extras and actors (as detailed above) desiring to obtain various assignments and has skill, knowledge and experience in the field. The Artist wishes to use the services of IMPACT to try to obtain various assignments. Both parties wish to make clear their respective rights and obligations during the course of their business dealing together.

  • 1) Impact Casting operates as an employment agency. These Terms set out the entire agreement between Impact Casting and the Artist. These Terms in no way imply or establish the relationship of an employer and employee, a partnership or joint venture between Impact and the Artist or the Artist and any Production Company. The Artist hereby confirms that Artist is self-employed and acknowledges that Artist shall be solely responsible for accounting and settling in full any income or other tax liabilities or VAT liabilities on income received and deriving from the Artist’s work as a Supporting Artist.
  • 2) For the purposes of the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003 (SI 2003/3319), in its capacity as Artist’s agent, Impact acts as an employment agency which seeks to find opportunities for the Artist to work as a Supporting Artist in films, television programmes, commercials and such other productions as may be appropriate.
  • 3) Whilst we will promote individuals for assignments we cannot guarantee selection, the ultimate decision is always with the Client. Those individuals with a reputation for professionalism are always those who are offered the most work. Remember reputation is everything in this industry.
    In brief, we will do our best for you and expect no less in return.
  • 4) The type of work we will endeavour to find for you on your behalf will be TV commercials, TV extra work, corporate non-broadcast, films and virals. We get daily casting calls for TV commercials from our Clients, we will then email our Clients with suitable artists or direct them to your profile on the website and should the Client then wish to book you for the job or wish to see you for a casting we would call you with all the details.

2) THE AGENCY – Impact Casting

Impact will endeavour to secure the best terms possible with clients, paying particular attention to staff safety, working conditions, hours and fees.

Whilst we will promote individuals for assignments we cannot guarantee selection, the ultimate decision is always with the Client. Those individuals with a reputation for professionalism are always those who are offered the most work. Remember reputation is everything in this industry. In brief, we will do our best for you and expect no less in return.


3.1 When given an assignment we will take a verbal acceptance from you as confirmation of the booking. Once we have the full booking details from the Production Company/ client we will then contact you either by telephone or text detailing timings, fees, job requirements, address, and clothing. It is the responsibility of the artist to ensure you have all of the necessary information for the assignment including suitable directions/map and that you know where you are going. Google Earth gives very good directions as does . If travelling by train the website is excellent for planning your best route.

3.2 I understand my details including photographs and measurements and other personal information will be shared with Impacts clients in order for Impact to obtain bookings.


You are not obliged to accept any assignment offered by the Agency. However, if you choose to do so, the following regulations are enforceable for the duration of the activity:

  • 1) Mobile phones are to be switched off during working hours.
  • 2) All food and drink to be consumed during allocated breaks.
  • 3) Smoking must be restricted to break times and within designated smoking areas.
  • 4) Always arrive 15 minutes prior to commencement of booking.
  • 6) We require a high standard of professionalism and this should cover all aspects connected with your work. Remember you are the public face of the company you are working for and as such should always present yourself and the product to the best of your ability.
  • 7) Enjoy your work and be amiable to the client but do remember that over-familiarity can lead to problems and should be avoided. The artist must immediately notify the agency of any direct offer of work from any client of the agencies or any associate of the client’s introduced to by the Agency. The artist agrees that they will not accept any paid or unpaid offers of employment from the Agencies client’s or any associates of the Agencies clients. In this instance any artist found to directly be working for a Client introduced to you by Impact or their associates will be instantly removed from our books. This could lead to legal proceedings.
  • 8) Under no circumstances must an artist divulge their personal details to the Agencies Clients or any associate of the Agencies Client. This is to include telephone number, address, email address and social networking sites.
    Any artist directly approached by a client for work please adhere to the following:

    • 8.1) Contact the agency and speak to your booker
    • 8.2) Please advise your booker of the clients contact details. We will then take over the booking for you. Please note you will not lose out on this booking. The artist must not make the booking themselves direct with the client.
  • 9) Co-operate fully with fellow Artists placed on the assignment with you by the Agency and accept the direction, supervision and control of any responsible person working on behalf of the Agency and or the client.
  • 10) Observe any relevant rules and regulations of the Agency stipulated within these terms and conditions or otherwise stipulated in the assignment brief or by word of mouth by a representative of the Agency or which you might reasonably be expected to ascertain.
  • 11) Adhere to the stipulated hours of work communicated to you either in writing or verbally by the agency.
  • 12) Take all reasonable steps to safeguard your own safety and the safety of any other person who may be present or affected by actions on the assignment and comply with any health and safety policies of the Agency.
  • 13) Do not engage in any conduct detrimental to the interests of the Client or the Agency.
  • 14) Comply with the stipulations in any health and safety risk assessment and training manual produced by us or by our client in relation to any assignment and observe and perform all reasonable written rules and regulations of ours notified to you in writing or verbally before or during any assignment upon which you are engaged and which shall be deemed to form part of and be incorporated into these terms.
  • 15 SIGNING OUT. After a day’s filming has come to an end it is imperative you adhere to the following:
    • 15.1) Always sign out with the runner
    • 15.2) Always check the details are correct on the signing out sheet. E.g. if you were upgraded to a WO2 or worked any overtime please make sure this is noted before signing. For instance, if you sign out as a basic walk on with no overtime and you in fact did 3 hours overtime this can be difficult to be rectified afterwards.
      It is very important that you always sign out for our client’s health and safety procedures and also to ascertain your hours worked.


  • 1) Co-operate with IMPACT in the completion and renewal of all mandatory checks, including in relation to the Artist’s right to work in the United Kingdom;
  • 2) provide IMPACT with copies of any relevant qualifications or authorisations including an up-to-date DBS certificate;
  • 3) If the Artist is unable for any reason to attend work during the course of an Assignment, they shall inform Impact immediately, you will always be given an agency out of hours contact for each booking.
  • 4) If you are going to be late please contact Impact Casting immediately to advise us what time you expect to arrive so that we may inform the production company.
  • 5) Please email your availability through each Friday to: – for the following week advising the Agency which days you are free for work. We will then call you when we have suitable work for you on your available days.
    If you are going to be unavailable for over 1 week e.g. holidays, illness etc please advise the Agency by email.
  • 6) Please keep us up to date with your body measurements and let us know of any changes to those or any major changes to your appearance.
  • 7) If you are put on pencil, do not take on any other bookings or even evening work until your pencil booking has been finalised with the agency.
  • 8) Once you have been accepted onto Impact Casting’s books you are not allowed to join another Casting agency within a 15-mile radius of the agency, this is to include Cheshire and Merseyside Agencies. We would not allow another Agency within a 15 mile radius to represent you on their website. If you find that an Agency is doing so without your consent, you must immediately inform Impact. You should then instruct the aforesaid Agency to remove you from their website immediately.


Once you have registered with the agency please join our social media pages: Facebook- ‘Impact Social’, Instagram- ‘impactcasting’ and twitter- @impact_casting. We often post casting calls and any other job details on our social media platforms.


New Members are entitled to a 30 day free trial membership. Following expiry of the 30 day trial period if you do not cancel your membership by notifying us in writing, you shall be liable of the Membership Fee of £85. The membership fee includes a free photo shoot which the agency arranges for you with a Liverpool based photographer. The membership fee is a one-off fee for the length of time you are represented by Impact Casting. When your publicity material is ready we will show you the material we propose to put on the website, you are then given 7 days in which to confirm whether you are happy with the information we propose to include. YOU WILL NEED TO EMAIL THE AGENCY IN AGREEMENT TO THE PROPOSED IMAGE SELECTION. If you are not happy you must provide the agency with the reasons why you are unhappy with the proposed material and we will take reasonable actions to address these issues. Only when you have confirmed that you are happy with the publicity material will we put the information on the website.                                                                                                                                                   If you wish to cancel your membership without charge, you must notify us in writing (email acceptable) at any time prior to the expiry of the 30 day free trial period. To notify us of your intention to cancel please email the Agency at: If you cancel your membership we will remove your profile from the Website. If you choose to cancel within the 30 day free trial period you will not be liable for any Membership Fees.

  • 1) It is the responsibility of the artist to check their details and measurements are correct on the site. Please inform the Agency of any amendments that may be needed.
    You will need to keep the Agency updated with any changes to your appearance i.e. hair colour, hair length and measurements. We will make any amendments to your profile at any time you are registered with the agency.
  • 2) If you do have your own suitable professional headshots please send these to us and we can see if they are suitable for our website. We also encourage you to send us non-professional photographs. Useful images for us could be pictures of you in a full football kit or actively playing football or wearing a uniform i.e. nurse, doctor, vet, sonographer. These could help you gain bookings for certain roles.


At Impact we operate a “3 strikes and you’re out” system. You can pick up a strike for lateness, leaving early without prior consent from the client; poor quality of work as well as any points not adhered to in clause 4. You will be notified in writing if you receive a strike. If you are found giving your personal contact details out to a Client or any associate of the Client (this is to include make-up artists, hairdressers and photographers) this would be instant dismissal.


All rates quoted to artists are quoted before any deductions are taken, these deductions will include commission of 15% for extra work and featured roles @ 25%

Lighting stand ins, Body doubles, Eye lines @ 20%



Commission is due to Impact Casting on any professional work obtained directly or indirectly through any introduction via Impact casting. Impact Casting endeavours to pay the artist within ten working days of receipt of correct payment from the client directly into your bank account. We would generally expect payments to hit your account on the same day. Payments to artists will only be made once the corresponding payments from the client are received and cleared through the Impact Casting bank. Impact Casting does not accept liability for bankrupt or defaulting clients who owe fees to artists, although every attempt possible will be made by Impact Casting to recover your money.

  • 1) Payments, made to Impact Casting may come from different companies and may not necessarily be paid in the order in which your jobs were completed.
  • 2) For Hollyoaks you are generally paid 3 Mondays after you film and a detailed breakdown of your days filming and pay will be emailed to you. Please check your bank statement and remittance advice carefully.
  • 3) All ITV payments are always paid within 10 days of us receiving the correct monies from the client and they will leave our account on a Friday. A remittance payslip will be posted to you with details of the breakdown of your pay and the date the payment will leave our bankers.
  • 4) We will always try to answer any questions about fees due to you. Should you fail to receive payment after a reasonable period, please inform us immediately. We may ask you to refer to your diary so please have any dates and details ready before you contact us.
  • 5) Please be aware the Christmas period or bank holidays may delay your money slightly.
  • 6) By registering with Impact Casting Ltd you understand and agree that you are not an employee of Impact Casting Ltd. Rather, you agree that you are retaining us to perform services for you, unless agreed otherwise. You agree that you are liable for your own Tax and National Insurance as a self-employed person, unless agreed otherwise.


If at any time you no longer wish to be represented by Impact, there is a 30 day notice period. Simply inform the Agency in writing (email acceptable) and we will remove you from our database after the 30-day period.

12) Modification of Terms and Conditions

Impact Casting reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions and any additional terms. Your continued use of Impact Casting constitutes your agreement to all such terms and conditions.

13) Data Protection

Impact Casting respects the privacy of all personal data provided. We always use our best endeavours to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. Impact Casting will use the information you provide only for the purposes of registration, casting breakdowns, newsletters or providing information about its services from time to time.


When the work seeker is booked to work on an assignment which may include working with young children and or vulnerable person(s) we require 2 written references. The references can be employment or personal references but NOT from a family member. Please email your references to

I agree that my references can be made available to prospective hirers.


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