Rent A Crowd

Rent A Crowd

Fully insured staff Nationwide available

TV film Rent-a-crowd: We are often asked to supply cast members for flash mobs, stage invasions, sports crowds and even world record attempts. No request is too strange.

Using our Nationwide staff database we are up for almost anything. If you need a crowd of some kind – whether it’s a product launch, awareness campaign or you just want people to storm a stage on live TV – get in touch!

All of our staff are self-employed and insured, let us know your requirements and we can find the right candidates for the crowd.

Why rent a crowd?

Renting a crowd brings a powerful presence to your event and can provide convincing reactions to PR Stunts, retail/product launches.

When you rent a crowd you are safe in the knowledge of the members who are in these crowds to ensure public and staff safety at all times. You are able to trust the conduct of your flash-mob when it comes to their actions and reactions.

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